How to Choose a Hygrometer for the Humidor?
The art of smoking lies in many nuances, which professionals and true connoisseurs of good tobacco are always aware of. One of these nuances is, of course
Strategies for Promoting Mobile AppsApps
Strategies for Promoting Mobile Apps
There is a misconception that the work on a mobile app ends when it appears in the AppStore and Google Play. In fact, when creating a mobile app, in addition
Mobile app trends 2021Apps
Mobile app trends 2021
The past year has had a significant impact on the way businesses live and work. Many companies had to fight for survival, look for ways to exist in a changed
How to Make Money With an AppApps
App Monetization – How to Make Money With an App
In this article, we’ll tell you how to monetize your app, or in other words, how to turn your app idea into money. Learn what options are available
Google Chrome Will Warn Users about Unsafe ExtensionsApps
Google Chrome Will Warn Users about Unsafe Extensions and Screen Suspicious Downloads More Thoroughly
Google has added new security features to Chrome browser. They are designed to make it easier to detect suspicious downloads and extensions.
Apple Upgraded Airtags FirmwareApps
Apple Upgraded Airtags Firmware For Better Anti-surveillance And Will Release An Android App For Them
At the Apple Event, the organizer announced a change in the firmware of all AirTag trackers used to find lost things and animals. Now it will be harder
What are the Types of Web AppsApps
What are the Types of Web Apps?
What makes each type stand out from the others? Depending on the underlying criteria of the classification – how components are connected, how business
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)Apps
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): Comprehensive Guide for Business Management
Enterprise Application Integration (the abbreviation EAI is often used) represents an approach to process-oriented integration of enterprise applications