Google Chrome Will Warn Users about Unsafe Extensions and Screen Suspicious Downloads More Thoroughly

Google Chrome Will Warn Users about Unsafe Extensions Apps

Google has added new security features to Chrome browser. They are designed to make it easier to detect suspicious downloads and extensions. These features build on the browser’s Advanced Safe Browsing feature, which was launched last year to identify phishing sites.

Now, when installing extensions, the browser will display a notification if the addon selected by the user is not considered trustworthy. The list of trusted extensions will only include software published by developers who follow the rules of the Google Developer Program and have been present on the platform for at least several months.

When users try to download an extension considered untrusted, the browser will warn them to be careful. Google says that nearly three-quarters of the extensions available in the Chrome store will receive trusted status.

Chrome also got a new feature to scan suspicious downloads. In the future, users will be able to first download suspicious files to a Google server for a more thorough check, and only then download them to their computer. This feature can be turned off if desired. Google says the new features are gradually being rolled out to Chrome 91.