Microsoft Teams will get end-to-end encryption in July

Microsoft Teams end-to-end encryption Software

In March of this year, Microsoft promised in the near future to give its enterprise platform Microsoft Teams support for end-to-end encryption. The company recently announced that deployment of the feature would begin in early July. It will take about two weeks to fully integrate.

End-to-end encryption is the encryption of information at its source and decryption at destination without the possibility of decryption by intermediate nodes. In Microsoft Teams, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) will be used for special two-party VoIP calls, allowing users to transmit sensitive information, such as passwords, more securely.

According to the MSPoweruser portal, this feature can be enabled by administrators either for specific users or for the entire organization. Users can then enable end-to-end encryption using the “End-to-end call encryption” option under “Settings -> Privacy”. Call recording and transcription will no longer be available. E2EE calls will only support basic features such as audio, video, screen sharing, chat, and advanced features will not be available.

Encryption will only work if both caller and recipient have enabled E2EE in the settings. End-to-end encryption will only be available in PC and mobile clients, but not in the web version of Teams.